IPM: A Great Success and Achievement

23 Apr 2017 | By Diranlou | 1 Comment | Filed in: Journal.

Professor Meysam Nassiri from School of Mathematics of IPM will deliver one of the invited lectures of the upcoming #International_Congress_of_Mathematicians(ICM). Starting from 1897, ICM has been organized every 4 years (with few exceptions) and is the most important gathering of mathematicians from around the world. Some of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics (including Fields • Read More »

This German Retiree Solved One of World’s Most Complex Maths Problems – and No One Noticed

4 Apr 2017 | By Diranlou | 1 Comment | Filed in: Journal.

It’s a problem that the world’s most experienced mathematicians have spent decades trying to solve, and the solution had eluded them at every turn – the infamous Gaussian correlation inequality (GCI). Then, out of nowhere, a retired German statistician figured out the proof while hunched over the sink, cleaning his teeth. But rather than being • Read More »