Bertrand Russell’s 10 Rules for Living

24 May 2018 | By Diranlou | 1 Comment | Filed in: Journal.

The great philosopher’s wisdom condensed into ten solid principles on which to live your life Bertrand Russell, one of 20th century’s most important and enduring thinkers, previously gave us this beautiful summary on what matters most in life.If that meditation answers the what, then these guidelines help us answer the how. Published in 1951 as • Read More »

Riemann Hypothesis

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Riemann Hypothesis is one the most challenging mathematical that human being ever faced with, still unsolved and seem to be uncontrollable yet. So as everyone naturally will find it important enough to study around the problem. Here I have collected some links those I find easy quick guide for someone, like me, unaware about the • Read More »

AI, Facebook, Google and Amazon!

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I strongly offer you to read this article. I have so many times tried to explain what an algorithm exactly is! but it seems non-math people rarely will understand the power of new AI algorithms. via Facebook, Google and Amazon are building an AI-powered dystopia to make you click on ads – Ideapod — leftwing • Read More »

Mathematics The explosion continues

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The brochure “Mathematics, the continuous explosion”, designed by the Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP), the French Society of Statistics(SFdS), the Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SMAI) and the Mathematical Society of France (SMF) ) , was realized thanks to the financial support of Cap’Maths .

Conférence “Index theory and singular structures”

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The French grant ANR SINGSTAR (“C*-algebras and Analysis on Singular Manifolds”), is organizing a conference named Index Theory and Singular Structures to be held in the Mathematics institute of Toulouse, France, from Monday 29 may 2017 to Friday 2 june 2017. The plan of the conference is to gather specialists from different horizons related to • Read More »

The explosion of mathematics

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one of the best book that I have ever studied is the book “L’explosion des mathématiques”, one of the greatest publications of SMF. you can download it for free via below links. The explosion of mathematics Presentation of the publication Chronicle of France Info Editorial information Download the brochure (pdf format 4 MB) Finnish Translation English • Read More »