Famed mathematician claims proof of 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis

Here we go to have a real surprise, as they say the smoke arise from the big logs. (it is a Persian proverbs showing the importance of experience of elders rather energy of youths) From https://www.newscientist.com | By Gilead Amit​ | 21 September 2018  One of the most important unsolved problems in mathematics may have been solved, retired mathematician Michael Atiyah is set to claim on Monday. In a talk at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany, Atiyah will present what he refers to as a “simple…

The Birth Of Calculus (1986)

Calculus is almost the most known branch of mathematics in which over the university students in each discipline from economy to physics would face with it during their study at university. here you will watch a documentary  about its roots and the time it was born. It is an excellent scientific video, although it is an old B.B.C production. Generally they are far away pretentious in compare with today’s scientific documentaries, I think. I hope you enjoy the video:

Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture

From: http://matthewmadduxeducation.com Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture Erica Klarreich: In a report posted online today, Peter Scholze of the University of Bonn and Jakob Stix of Goethe University Frankfurt describe what Stix calls a “serious, unfixable gap” within a mammoth series of papers by Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematician at Kyoto University who is renowned for his brilliance. Posted online in 2012, Mochizuki’s papers supposedly prove the abc conjecture, one of the most far-reaching problems in number theory.  

Linear Spaces and Grassmannians

The fourth video in the Non-linear algebra series is now online! In this lecture, Mateusz Michałek discusses two fundamental examples of algebraic varieties: linear spaces and Grassmannians. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7wUWF50ChU

Celebrate the mathematics of Emmy Noether

From nature.com |  12 SEPTEMBER 2018 |  An algebra pioneer who faced discrimination deserves wider recognition on the centenary of her namesake theorem. Emmy Noether was a force in mathematics — and knew it. She was fully confident in her capabilities and ideas. Yet a century on, those ideas, and their contribution to science, often go unnoticed. Most physicists are aware of her fundamental theorem, which puts symmetry at the heart of physical law. But how many know anything of her and her life? A conference…

Literacy gap between women and men decreasing in Iran

Among all dreadful news we receive every day, which make us feel pain in our hearts, sometimes there are good news that turn the light of hope in my heart. Among them are the good news correspondent to the situation of women of Middle East. The Area is by itself a dilemma and only few people of habitant of the Area really know what is happening here. Women’s situation has deeply changed, although there are so many unseen and ignored rights. I just read this…