REGENESIS: Recompiling Modern Mathematics via Indian Laws and Logic

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Adapted from LinkedIn page of Jonathan J. Crabtree (Mathematics Historian: The Lost Logic of Elementary Mathematics) (If you care, please share!) In November I will be presenting a series of free presentations in Kolkata to relaunch Indian mathematics. You see, what young mathematics students get taught today is fundamentally flawed! Only by recompiling modern mathematics • Read More »

Michael Atiyah 1929-2019

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From: Mathematical Institute of Oxford University  We are very sorry to hear of the death of Michael Atiyah. Michael was a giant of mathematics. He held many positions including Savilian Professor of Geometry here in Oxford, President of the Royal Society, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, the founding Directorship of the Isaac Newton Institute and Chancellor of the University of Leicester. • Read More »

A blog for my personal notes

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As some of you may know, I have another blog in, in which is older than this blog. I have decided to publish “only math” contents here in this blog. All my other daily notes will be published in my blogger blog: Thank you all in advance because of you attention.

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