At the end of the day …

At the end of the day seems to have a straight meaning. But it’s an expression and its meaning is a bit tricky. It means the most important part of something.

First time I heard that I thought it exactly means at the end of the day! More I heard it in movies and here and there, more I doubt that I understand the right meaning.

I search to find what is going on. As you know it too, is the best source in such cases:

At the end of the day


An irritating verbal crutch, indicating closure or synopsis, for morons who are incapable of finishing a sentence without incorporating at least one tired cliché.


A saying mostly used by people trying to prove points without having any other intelligent way of expressing it.

You know what? I completely agree! Not all expressions and proverbs that are used by native language users are the wise ones!

There are plenty of such meaningless Idioms, which are used vastly.

Let’s more wisely rather as it’s common!

In order to learn real English, I used to read books like tales from Shakespeare.

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Tales from Shakespeare Oxford Bookworms

I’ve started reading Tales from Shakespeare three days ago.

The book has entitled “Oxford Bookworms 2” which I remember I bought it when I was a first grade student at high school.

I’ve never been able to allocate time to read it till 3 days ago I took this one among all other book in my library, all by chance and started reading it there while standing up by the book shelves. And yes, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it.

The book doesn’t include full original plays of Shakespeare but it is a set of summarized stories based on plays which make it readable even for whom are not very advanced English learners.

It includes these titles:

  1. The merchant of Venice
  2. The taming of the shrew
  3. The tempest
  4. Julius Caesar
  5. King Lear
  6. Macbeth

I was searching the audio version of the book this morning; although I didn’t find out any, I find out that MIT University has dedicated a website to full plays of Shakespeare. You could see the complete list of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by click on the link.

During this pandemic, I used to read books one after another. I have explained it here: Coronavirus, No Facebook and I Am Stuck at Home

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When You Are Eager

When you cannot give up a dream. When you do not pay attention to what people around you say. When you do not care how many times you fail. When you do not mind how long the path to success is; then it is the time you step forward in faith and confidence. It is the time you truly come your dreams true.

When you are not scared to be alone, or to be different. When you do not care if you seem creepy in others’ eyes. When you are not afraid to be lost, then it means you are passing the road less traveled. The road to your own success.

When you are eager enough to fight off any difficulty then you catch all you want.

I Am Not a Robot

I want to walk on my legs before it’s too late. I don’t like people do my stuff. Life is both too short and uncertain, so I want do my stuff myself. I Am Not a Robot

Before the pandemic of covid-19 occurred, my friends looked at me in a strange way, each time I was telling these sentences. but now, everybody knows what I mean.

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Riemann surface, Hausdorff space

Well, a Riemann surface is a certain kind of Hausdorff space. You know what a Hausdorff space is, don’t you? Its also compact, ok. I guess it is also a manifold. Surely you know what a manifold is. Now let me tell you one non-trivial theorem, the Riemann–Roch Theorem.

— Gian-Carlo Rota’s recollection of Lefschetz lecturing in the 1940’s, quoted in A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar.

Read more:

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No Plan B Anymore

Having any Plan B, sometimes, means there is no plan A at all (I said sometimes).


If plan A is such important plan that it couldn’t be replaced with any other possible plan, what does it mean to have a plan B then?

Sometimes, having a Side plan means, “I am ready to fail in plan A”. it means the plan A is not our main plan actually.

When we say we follow plan A and meanwhile we are working on another plan, it only means we’ve quitted plan A and we are afraid to facing it. So we play the wise guy role: I have a plan B beside of plan A, just in case.

I myself prefer not to think of any alternative plan at all and stick with only one plan rather to hide my fear of failure behind any second plan.

I want to try again and again and again rather changing the plans.

Fear is good if we face it. To be successful, sometimes, need to break the ship and got stock in an unknown island in order to build a brand new life.

if you are eager enough to catch the plan A only; if you have the guts to face your fears; then it’s time to have no plan B anymore. Let’s put an end to try and not to catch anything by concentrating on only one plan.

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Nothing Happens To Us Too Soon

Since life is too short, nothing happens to us too soon. They may happen late or even too late, but nothing will happen too soon. There is no too soon actually. You are ready and grab the chance or you make that excuse and pass it away.

It’s a cliché to run away from situations.  Probably we want to cover our fear or any kind of these feelings. Generally, it’s because we are not ready which means we are not organized or skilled people, I think.

Too soon means wasting time. Too soon means not having any plan for the future. It means not having any strategy at all. Too soon means I am not ready enough to handle it properly. And it means I am not skilled enough to distinguish between right and wrong.

Open your arms to what comes to you. There is no guarantee unless you are sufficient. Sufficiency couldn’t be gained unless we are brave to face with reality. Experience is more like practice. As practice makes perfect, experience makes us powerful.

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Feel Good

You are going to change if you change your feelings. Whenever you feel bad, simply quit overthinking and do something to make you feel better.

Each time we are chasing our thoughts to find a solution for something, or to find out where those bad feeling stem from, simply we are overthinking.

To break this loop, it’s better to work on feelings rather on thoughts and actions. It is how we can do it:

  1. Do you feel bad now?
  2. If yes, no matter why! Just work on your feelings. Stop doing what bothers you, start doing what makes you feel much better.
  3. Remember to avoid doing something like drinking alcohol or watching movies all during the day just because you want to feel good. It is simply running away from responsibilities by doing something useless.

Spring is coming and nature is waking up. I strongly believe the New Year is the first day of the spring.

I wish you all the best

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How we make decisions wisely?

Making decisions seems so easy to many of us. So we make decisions about every situation that arise in the road of life. After a while it turns out they have been wrong or bad decisions.

We justify: I didn’t have enough information. If I had that sort of information ….

By “that sort of information”, we mean sometimes that there are information that is out of our access!

Really? Is that the reason? We have all information we need to make a wise decision on the table!

But you know what? Problem is about the way we should have learnt to know how to make decisions.

Decision-making is a scientific act. Even if you want to buy a brand new smartphone, again it is a scientific act.

How we make decisions wisely?

First there data which need to be processed to become information. Then by gathering information around a topic, we have knowledge. According to knowledge, we gain awareness. Then when we are “aware” about something, we could easily make decisions.

That’s how it is:

How we make decisions wisely

About data, it need to have a vast amount of data. Generally we trust the first source we face with. And with limited amount of data we make big decisions, which is wrong.

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Coronavirus, No Facebook and I Am Stuck at Home

It’s a beautiful day: it’s raining and it’s not cold at all. But guess what? I’m stuck at home. You know why? Yes! Corona Virus.

It’s been raining since last night. The weather is fresh, it’s not cold. I could feel wind softly touches my face and the sky is blue like it was clean and fresh 1000 years ago.

I only could stay at home and read some books. Then I write so much. After I get tired of writing, again I come back to reading.

It is not what we expect to be stuck at homes, but I try being positive and finishing all my undone and unfinished works, especially those I have started since the beginning of the history of earth and I haven’t finish them.

I made a decision two – three months ago which I am proud of that. First, I deleted my Telegram account forever. Then I deleted my Facebook account, again, forever. I mean real “forever”.

The reason I did this is clear, I think. I am much happier now. I have more time to do my “most important jobs”. I can read and write more. I have more time to rest. I have done some important things related to my main goals of life. And I have set my sleep hours as usual.

Then I started to limit using other social networks like Instagram.

But out of sudden something else happened: my smart phone beak down. All my contacts gone! I have no access to my Instagram and WhatsApp. So you can guess what just has happened to me.

Now after Coronavirus, I am stuck at home too.

I am not angry about it at all. I only wish I could go walking in such days. I do love rain and city after the rain.

I am thankful to somehow. I have only one job now: finishing everything I haven’t begin or haven’t finished all these years.

See you on top.

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The Road Less Traveled

Success can be a lonely road. It can be a tough road. It can be a hard road.

It’s not for everyone. Those who follow others like sheep, will never know who they truly are. Only those who follow their own path can discover their true potential.

Those who fly alone have the strongest wings. Those who walk alone have the strongest direction. the rest will always be in need of others for their survival. They will always need attention, need recognition to survive.

I am at peace alone. Needing no attention, no recognition, and still I thrive.

I am not saying those who have support are weak. I am not saying you must go at it alone to gain strength. This is just for those who have fought battles alone. Those who have felt like they don’t fit in. those who have never had support in anything they do.

All of those who feel no one believes in them, you don’t need them to believe in you, if you believe in you. You don’t need their support if you’ve got your own back.

The best part is when you truly live the life you want to live. When you speak your truth, when you embrace who you are, then you gain real respect and real love.

People love those who have the guts to be themselves, those who have the courage to follow their heart. Why? Because it is rare. Why? Because most people wish they could do the same.

Show them the way. Keep going. believe in yourself. It will all come good in the end. And when it does, you won’t only inspire yourself to be more, you will have inspired so many others. I had to learn to fight alone and because of that, I am strong alone. I am strong. Full stop. I developed inner strength that cannot be broken. I am unbreakable. Because of the pain, I am strong. Because of the struggle, I have character most will never know.

I appreciate others more than ever. I have more compassion than ever. I had to go deep into the darkness, now I have more depth, now I can see clearer. I had to face huge internal challenges, now I can defeat any challenge. I will destroy every challenge.

I am proud of who I have become. I am proud I have overcome. I am proud I kept going I am proud of Who I am, who I’ve become. I am proud I stay true to myself, because now I can live as myself with respect from others, and most importantly, pride and respect from myself.

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The Road Less Traveled

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write a single post each day

It has been a long time since I published my last post here. It has no reason unless I am busy with one of my websites, which actually is my first website.

I have been working on it since 20 months ago. After one year, I decided to start my other websites, which this one is one of them.

Beside of my first website,, which is in online English and French learning website, I also update my Persian personal website regularly.

Then if I find some spare time, I rather update my Persian math online learning website.

In fact, I myself prefer to publish only math contents. But those language learning courses are only temporary and to make money.

I start serious blogging with an English blog. Then I decided to write some Persian contents.

Although Persian is my maternal tongue, I like writing in English. It has several reasons, among them and the most important: those who search terms in google in English are the most seekers in their generating and society. And to publish digital content for these seeker-type people are way easier.

write a single post each day and make a huge change

I made this commitment to myself to write one post each day in my Persian website. Last night, when I was updating it, I told myself: why shouldn’t I make such commitment to myself for a better job? I mean something that I love more and is more serious to me.

So this is the first step of the commitment: write a single post each day and make a huge change!

Hope it does work well.

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Each Day One Sentence, day #13

After few days of being absent, I am here again writing my “today’s sentence” in this blog. 
To write every day, even one sentence each day, is not always easy. Especially the personal discipline part of the writing, which is more important than any other possible part. 
I am under a pressure of not having a good discipline. I mean I have been having this kind of life for about 10 years. 
I don’t like it and I do not appreciate it at all. But I am awake all during the night and I sleep late in the morning. When every normal person on the planet is about to wake up and start a normal life. 
I am changing it soon. 
Today’s sentence: 

Est-ce que tu veux d’être l’amour de ma vie?
Est-ce que tu veux d’être la femme de ma vie et la mère de mes enfants? 

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Each Day One Sentence, day #12

Impossible things could never been imagined. When you imagine something, it means it is possible. And if you have never catch what you have imagine (as a dream) it only means you have never try enough. Impossible is impossible. Easy is not an option! It’s not easy but it is possible. So never give up until you do it.
today’s sentence:
Bonjour ma future,
C’est moi Samuel qui parle. Est-ce que vous entendez moi ?
Je parle de mes idées que je travaille de leur faire réalité de ma vie.
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Impossible Is Impossible

Impossible things could never be imagined. When you imagine something, it means it is possible. And if you have never catch what you have imagine (as a dream) it only means you have never tried enough. Impossible is impossible. Easy is not an option! It’s not easy but it is possible. So never give up until you do it.

Each Day One Sentence, day #10

I am finishing the conversation book and reading-writing book of my French course tomorrow. 
It’s now 8th October and I am still here. It bothers me. 
I hate this city and its mean people. 
I have some good friends here. But more than my good friends, I have some people in life, which I don’t know why they have been in life for a while. They have bothered me and broke m inside. 
I want to be in my dream city. 
Sometimes I think I should write down all my memories. 
Today’s sentence 

J’ai quelques étudiants que je leur enseigne mathématique.

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