Blogging for the AMS

Do you like blogging? especially math blogging? even more: do you like blogging for the AMS? if so, follow the below instruction:

Blogging for the AMS

The AMS publishes a variety of blogs addressing topics related to mathematics and the profession. Our volunteer writers offer their particular perspectives as early-career mathematicians, experienced mentorsgraduate studentsexperts in their fields, and more. See a list of our current blogs here.

Would you like to propose a new AMS blog?

We appreciate your interest. Please follow these steps:

  1. Review our current set of blogs to see what our bloggers are already covering.
  2. If you think your topic is a good fit for the AMS, please submit a blog proposal including:
    • Your name, contact information, and short C.V.
    • At least two sample blog posts
    • Proposed topic
    • Motivation and background
    • Posting schedule and blog management plan
    • List of additional editors and bloggers
    • Your blog URL (if the blog already exists)
  3. Submit your proposal to AMS Blog Proposals via email.

We look forward to hearing your ideas. If you have questions about either this process or our current blogs, please email AMS Blog Proposals.

Reference: AMS.ORG

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