Calculus, oh dear calculus!

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Calculus has been always interesting for each of us in mathematics. No matter how advanced your field of research is, no matter how many years you have worked on different parts of mathematics, and even no matter how many times you have taught it to first semester students of science and engineering; again it is interesting and it has many different problems that you have never seen them before. Almost every mathematician has wrote a book or has had this idea to write a book on the subject. It may be the only part of mathematics with this amount of textbooks. Who can be so dare to claim that he could even review all of them in his lifetime?

Why it is so important to us?

Not only because it is beautiful, but also because it is one the most important tools of thinking in contemporary pure mathematician. We can easily find it useful in describing each economical concepts. We solve our physics problems by using calculus. The statistics has been founded based on calculus. You can never learn differential geometry without learning calculus. In addition, by developing its ideas we have established our 20th century “real and complex analysis” in which by itself is the beginning of serious pure mathematics!

Altogether, it is both calculating and analytic critical thinking tool. It seems learning calculus is very necessary for each of us. Yes, we all have had some course on the subject. But have we learnt it properly? Can we use it efficiently?  

Why people are so dumb?

Everybody knows that mathematics is important. Everybody knows that people with good math abilities could analysis better. And don’t tell me those last students at math class that question you: what is the applications of mathematics in real life, they really mean that! Don’t tell me it is not a cliché to run away from responsibility. This is what I want to say, and I really hate it: why some people are proud of being stupid?

Being dumb is not a personal issue. Because dumb people will affect all of us with their dumb decisions. (You really need examples?)

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