Conférence “Index theory and singular structures”

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The French grant ANR SINGSTAR (“C*-algebras and Analysis on Singular Manifolds”), is organizing a conference named

Index Theory and Singular Structures

to be held in the Mathematics institute of Toulouse, France, from Monday 29 may 2017 to Friday 2 june 2017.

The plan of the conference is to gather specialists from different horizons related to index theory understood in a broad sense (cohomological and analytical methods, secondary invariants, K-theory, C^*-algebras, groupoids, applications in geometry, analysis and topology).

We believe that this conference will be a great opportunity to realize a large state of the art in index theory and its main related fields, to bring out the next trends, to learn from each other and to create new interactions.

The conference will take place in Toulouse, also known as “La ville Rose”, which is besides a beautiful french south-west city placed at the center of an extremely nice and interesting region (Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc).

Talks will take place at the AMPHI SCHWARTZ Bat 1R3

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse

Campus plan available at the “practical information” in this webpage or when you get out from the Métro at the entrance of the campus.

Démarre 29 mai 2017 08:50
Finit 2 juin 2017 18:15
Amphi Schwartz IMT building 1R3
Paul Sabatier University

Paulo CARRILLO ROUSE, Mathematics Insitute of Toulouse

Jean-Marie LESCURE, Blaise Pascal Mathematics laboratory, Clermont Ferrand

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