It’s a beautiful day: it’s raining and it’s not cold at all. But guess what? I’m stuck at home. You know why? Yes! Corona Virus.

It’s been raining since last night. The weather is fresh, it’s not cold. I could feel wind softly touches my face and the sky is blue like it was clean and fresh 1000 years ago.

I only could stay at home and read some books. Then I write so much. After I get tired of writing, again I come back to reading.

It is not what we expect to be stuck at homes, but I try being positive and finishing all my undone and unfinished works, especially those I have started since the beginning of the history of earth and I haven’t finish them.

I made a decision two – three months ago which I am proud of that. First, I deleted my Telegram account forever. Then I deleted my Facebook account, again, forever. I mean real “forever”.

The reason I did this is clear, I think. I am much happier now. I have more time to do my “most important jobs”. I can read and write more. I have more time to rest. I have done some important things related to my main goals of life. And I have set my sleep hours as usual.

Then I started to limit using other social networks like Instagram.

But out of sudden something else happened: my smart phone beak down. All my contacts gone! I have no access to my Instagram and WhatsApp. So you can guess what just has happened to me.

Now after Coronavirus, I am stuck at home too.

I am not angry about it at all. I only wish I could go walking in such days. I do love rain and city after the rain.

I am thankful to somehow. I have only one job now: finishing everything I haven’t begin or haven’t finished all these years.

See you on top.

Photo by Dave on Unsplash

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