Donald Trump is a sacrifice too.

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People generally talk about president Donald Trump, as he is the only person in the USA who is racist. They think he makes those statements with his own mind with no background of folks’ support. You rarely would see people talking about such politician not following the two pattern of being a fanatic fan or being an angry opponent. Such dialogs have been happening while people talking about Mahmoud AHMADI NEZHAD, ex-president of IRIB or Marine Le Pen the president of National Front party at France. I have seen so many people talking about such politicians as they are some unique single islands separated from their society. No politician will talk about things that haven’t got any basis in the society. They talk to people, they talk to motivate a part of the society that has been forgotten for decades and decades. In a recent article written by Hanif GHAFFARI, that has published at July 16th 2018 issue of Tehran Times, I saw this statistics: 
“It’s to be noted here that according to a Quinnipiac University poll: 49% of people said they believe President Donald Trump to be a racist while 47% believe he is not. These results indicate that half of the American citizens believe that their president has racist views.” 
I have been always telling that you cannot change a society only by changing the president or leader of the society. If Trump is the president of the USA that’s because a part of the society supports him. Whenever you want to change a society, it’s better you change the atmosphere of people’s mind. Then the president will be the last person to replace with a better and more qualified person. I am about to say that culture is always more important in compare with some short-term political activities (like demonstration those lead to occupation of the Wall Street, dose it change the USA?) 
We need to communicate with people from different social classes. There are some classes in each society those have been ignored for several decades. What has happened during those ages, has made a situation that people like Trump will appear and push the red button in the background of those people’s mind and make them to come out from their silent zone to front side of the society and choose some racist, fascist and aggressive person like trump. The back scene of what occurs is just machine of war and injustice in which those people in addition to Trump, all together, will become sacrifices of the war machine, don’t they?