Each Day One Sentence, day #13

After few days of being absent, I am here again writing my “today’s sentence” in this blog. 
To write every day, even one sentence each day, is not always easy. Especially the personal discipline part of the writing, which is more important than any other possible part. 
I am under a pressure of not having a good discipline. I mean I have been having this kind of life for about 10 years. 
I don’t like it and I do not appreciate it at all. But I am awake all during the night and I sleep late in the morning. When every normal person on the planet is about to wake up and start a normal life. 
I am changing it soon. 
Today’s sentence: 

Est-ce que tu veux d’être l’amour de ma vie?
Est-ce que tu veux d’être la femme de ma vie et la mère de mes enfants? 

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