Each Day One Sentence, day #2

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You need to be serious to be successful. It is not a game to have a goal. Goal is something that you have to change everything around yourself to catch it. You may even change yourself to catch the goal.
Have a daily plan to catch daily goals, which are a part of a weekly plan in which they also are a part of a monthly plan. You cannot have a successful year if you have 12 failed months, which each of them are result of four failed weeks. 
Make this commitment for yourself to do at least one important thing each day that is directly related to your goal. Unless you will never face any success. 
What have you done yesterday that had been directly related to your goals? 
What are you going to do today that is leading you to your goals? 
As Henry Ford said: 

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

What is your next 24 hours most important things to do, which they will lead you to more success? 
Just do them.

Today’s sentence:

J’ai quelques projets qu’Il me faut finir dès que possible, donc je travaille toujours avec mon ordinateur. Aujourd’hui je suis très fatigué. Mais j’ai sérieusement décidé de leur finir devant je dors.

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