Each Day One Sentence, day #6

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I’ve had a fixed character so far I’ve been a high school student. The main reason that I haven’t changed that much is because I have been always worried about my financial situation. And as I look back through whole my life, I haven’t had time to work my ideas, to study enough, to finish my graduation degree in its specific time. And I couldn’t enter my dream French university: Sorbonne university, all because I haven’t had any money to support myself in this road.
But now, I am tired of all these shitty things. I have found my own idea to make money. I work on it every day. And I want to be e different person with a different character. I want to study even harder, to work, again, harder.  I want to spend more time on working to catch my dreams as soon as possible. 
When I say I haven’t studied hard enough, you may come to this imagination that I am a lazy person with an mean value of studying around 20 min a day! No! It is not true. When I say that, I mean I should have studied 4 – 5 hours a day! And I should have written more and more. I should have followed the idea that I have now for making money 2 – 3 years later. 
By the way, past is past. Future is into my hand. 
I making a way better future. 
I have promised myself to write at least one French sentence each day, until I could write a paragraph. 
Very soon, in 5 days I get this point that I write a paragraph instead of a sentence. so I should rename the part from “today’s sentence” to “today’s paragraph” 
Today, we are going to conjugate some French verbs: 
Today’s paragraph: 

Être : to be

  • Je suis 
  • Tu es 
  • Il/elle/on est 
  • Nous sommes 
  • Vous êtes 
  • Ils/elles sont 

Avoir : to have

  • J’ai 
  • Tu as 
  • Il/elle/on a 
  • Nous avons 
  • Vous avez 
  • Ils/elles ont 

Voir : to see

  • Je vois 
  • Tu vois 
  • Il/elle/on voit 
  • Nous voyons 
  • Vous voyez 
  • Ils/elles voient 

Faire : to do

  • Je fais 
  • Tu fais 
  • Il/elle/on fait 
  • Nous faisons 
  • Vous faites 
  • Ils/elle font 

Dire : to tell, to say

  • Je dis 
  • Tu dis 
  • Il/elle/on dit 
  • Nous disons 
  • Vous dites 
  • Ils/elles disent 

Pouvoir : can

  • Je peux 
  • Tu peux 
  • Il/elle/on peut 
  • Nous pouvons 
  • Vous pouvez 
  • Ils/elle peuvent 

Aller : to go

  • Je vais 
  • Tu vas 
  • Il/elle/on va 
  • Nous allons 
  • Vous allez 
  • Ils/elles vont 

Vouloir : to want

  • Je veux 
  • Tu veux 
  • Il/elle/on veut 
  • Nous voulons 
  • Vous voulez 
  • Ils/elles veulent

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