You are going to change if you change your feelings. Whenever you feel bad, simply quit overthinking and do something to make you feel better.

Each time we are chasing our thoughts to find a solution for something, or to find out where those bad feeling stem from, simply we are overthinking.

To break this loop, it’s better to work on feelings rather on thoughts and actions. It is how we can do it:

  1. Do you feel bad now?
  2. If yes, no matter why! Just work on your feelings. Stop doing what bothers you, start doing what makes you feel much better.
  3. Remember to avoid doing something like drinking alcohol or watching movies all during the day just because you want to feel good. It is simply running away from responsibilities by doing something useless.

Spring is coming and nature is waking up. I strongly believe the New Year is the first day of the spring.

I wish you all the best

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