Making decisions seems so easy to many of us. So we make decisions about every situation that arise in the road of life. After a while it turns out they have been wrong or bad decisions.

We justify: I didn’t have enough information. If I had that sort of information ….

By “that sort of information”, we mean sometimes that there are information that is out of our access!

Really? Is that the reason? We have all information we need to make a wise decision on the table!

But you know what? Problem is about the way we should have learnt to know how to make decisions.

Decision-making is a scientific act. Even if you want to buy a brand new smartphone, again it is a scientific act.

How we make decisions wisely?

First there data which need to be processed to become information. Then by gathering information around a topic, we have knowledge. According to knowledge, we gain awareness. Then when we are “aware” about something, we could easily make decisions.

That’s how it is:

How we make decisions wisely

About data, it need to have a vast amount of data. Generally we trust the first source we face with. And with limited amount of data we make big decisions, which is wrong.

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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