IPM: A Great Success and Achievement

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Professor Meysam Nassiri from School of Mathematics of IPM will deliver one of the invited lectures of the upcoming #International_Congress_of_Mathematicians(ICM). Starting from 1897, ICM has been organized every 4 years (with few exceptions) and is the most important gathering of mathematicians from around the world. Some of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics (including Fields Medal, Nevanlinna Prize, Gauss Prize and Chern Medal) are awarded in ICM. Next ICM will be organized at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 1 to August 9, 2018.

Speaking at ICM is of great importance and prestige in mathematics community and the plenary and invited speakers of ICM are commonly regarded as the current and/or future leaders of the active areas of mathematics. Typically, in each main area of mathematics (such as algebra, number theory, geometry, topology, etc.) one plenary 1-hour lecture (targeting the general audience in mathematics community) and about 10 invited 45-minutes lectures (covering more specialized topics) are delivered by distinguished speakers and the most significant recent developments of these areas are reflected. Given the limited number of talks and the competition of different mathematical societies and groups for having a voice at ICM, the honor of giving one of the plenary or invited lectures at ICM is widely considered one of the most significant achievements in the mathematical life of any distinguished mathematician.

The list of plenary and invited speakers at ICM from the beginning of this event in 1897 is available at the webpage of International Mathematical Union (IMU) via the following link:

Following #Cumrun_Vafa (distiguished Iranian physicist and professor at #Harvard_university, plenary speaker of ICM), #Freydoon_Shahidi (distinguished professor of Perdue university, invited speaker of ICM) and #Maryam_Mirzakhani (first woman to win the Fields medal, professor at Stanford university, invited and plenary speaker of ICM), Professor Nassiri would be the fourth Iranian to deliver a plenary or invited lecture at ICM. He is the first mathematician based in Iran to achieve this honor.

The research of professor Nassiri is focused on dynamical systems, ergodic theory and their interactions with topology, geometry and mechanics. His lecture at ICM, which will be delivered jointly with Andres Koropecki from Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil, will be around some of the important developments in the study of the dynamical systems on 2-dimensional surfaces using the methods and ideas from topology.


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