The law of attraction and our dreams

what is the law of attraction? and why it doesn’t work sometimes?

What is your most valuable dream that you live for and you could even sacrifice everything to make that dream come true?

Everybody have one dream at least but some of us have dreams that we live only to catch them. There is always at least a dream for each dreamer in which if he could not make it come true then he has not lived his life truly.

Write down your biggest dream that is your main goal in life. What is that? Have you ever done anything to catch it? Do you have daily steps to get closer to your dream(s)?

You may see some people talking about the law of attraction, and the list of wishes that they have made. They will explain that how they feel much better than ever.

You might also have seen several list-makers that after a while start nagging about life! Yes, they have come back to their negative mood: where they belong. It is enough if only you mention any kind of positive energy or any possible list (even a simple list of what they buy every day to control their costs!), they will suddenly get angry and throw these words to your face: do you think I do not know these stuff? Or you think I have not ever had one those “positive lists”?


Why the law of attraction does not work?

First, it is not the list issue; it is the act issue. Nothing will automatically happen unless you make it happen.

Then it is the issue of giving up very soon. All losers are those people that search easy things. It is not always easy, but it is possible. So you should try again and again and again until you win.

And the last but not the least: sometimes we better do not start to do something, for god’s sake let’s finish something this time.

Yes, people start things! But how many people finish things that they have already started?

People think about their dreams, they write down something on a paper and pin it on the wall of their room to see it every hour of their daily life. they start things to achieve their goals but… .

But when difficulties show up in the road, they simply give up. They give up and they blame “the list”, “the law of attraction”, “being optimistic” etc. some people even blame the society and the economy. As they say:

lame people blame people

Enough is enough. Let’s not to start any new thing in this year and let’s just finish all undone activities since the beginning of our life so far.

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