I’ve signed up in dozens of hundreds of websites’ and blogs’ newsletters. And I read them all right after I received each of them.

You may find it insane but that’s right! I’m crazy about reading more and more artists. The point is I choose blogs and sites carefully. they have proved them they have proved themselves to me as informative, useful and readable contents with mind-blowing ideas. So why shouldn’t I spend time on waiting them!?

One of the must-to-reads in my list which is Mark Manson newsletter so-called “Mindfuck Monday”

The right idea at the right time can build a career, save a marriage or bring years of happiness.

Mark Manson

As we know Mark Manson from best selling books such as “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, I am sure you already have heard the name; but I doubt if you have signed up in above-mentioned newsletter too.

If so, good for you. If not, move your a** and do it right now: Mark Manson Newsletter

In the last issue of the newsletter, which I received it 2-3 days ago, mark has announces his last book “Will”.

Read it here: An Indomitable Will

It’s the biography of Will Smith. Without any shadow of a doubt, I’ll find it inspiring and mind-blowing. I am impatiently looking forward to it’s released in next November.

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