Mathematics The explosion continues

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The brochure “Mathematics, the continuous explosion”, designed by the Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP), the French Society of Statistics(SFdS), the Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SMAI) and the Mathematical Society of France (SMF) ) , was realized thanks to the financial support of Cap’Maths .

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” But what is that for ? 

This question is often asked by college students to their math teacher. It is of course legitimate for students, but it is equally for students and adults, whether or not they have a science-related activity, and even more so for adults with collective responsibilities.

Indeed, even if mathematics has always been linked to multiple activities: administrative, technical, scientific or cultural, there has been a steady explosion for the last forty years in the number of domains in which mathematical research is the most important. Advanced is essential.

From cryptography to image processing, from understanding the climate to that of biodiversity, from the fight against spam to the operation of search engines, from the detection of genetic diseases to the prevention of stroke, from the academic world to that of companies, the applications of mathematics are no longer counted and cover a broad spectrum of more and more extensive. Conversely, concomitantly, the questions posed by the development of technology, biology, or massive data management – to name but a few – lead to the creation and development of new mathematical theories.

Of the twenty-four articles in this book, three come from the Explosion of Mathematics published in 2002 ; the others are original texts. All illustrate the ever increasing ubiquity of mathematics in today’s world. The point of view of the English mathematician John Ball on the French mathematical school and some questions-answers to update the ideas received on the profession of mathematician kindly complete the book.



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