Having any Plan B, sometimes, means there is no plan A at all (I said sometimes).


If plan A is such important plan that it couldn’t be replaced with any other possible plan, what does it mean to have a plan B then?

Sometimes, having a Side plan means, “I am ready to fail in plan A”. it means the plan A is not our main plan actually.

When we say we follow plan A and meanwhile we are working on another plan, it only means we’ve quitted plan A and we are afraid to facing it. So we play the wise guy role: I have a plan B beside of plan A, just in case.

I myself prefer not to think of any alternative plan at all and stick with only one plan rather to hide my fear of failure behind any second plan.

I want to try again and again and again rather changing the plans.

Fear is good if we face it. To be successful, sometimes, need to break the ship and got stock in an unknown island in order to build a brand new life.

if you are eager enough to catch the plan A only; if you have the guts to face your fears; then it’s time to have no plan B anymore. Let’s put an end to try and not to catch anything by concentrating on only one plan.

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Photo by Héctor J. Rivas on Unsplash

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