Since life is too short, nothing happens to us too soon. They may happen late or even too late, but nothing will happen too soon. There is no too soon actually. You are ready and grab the chance or you make that excuse and pass it away.

It’s a cliché to run away from situations.  Probably we want to cover our fear or any kind of these feelings. Generally, it’s because we are not ready which means we are not organized or skilled people, I think.

Too soon means wasting time. Too soon means not having any plan for the future. It means not having any strategy at all. Too soon means I am not ready enough to handle it properly. And it means I am not skilled enough to distinguish between right and wrong.

Open your arms to what comes to you. There is no guarantee unless you are sufficient. Sufficiency couldn’t be gained unless we are brave to face with reality. Experience is more like practice. As practice makes perfect, experience makes us powerful.

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