Too Soon

Nothing Happens To Us Too Soon

Since life is too short, nothing happens to us too soon. They may happen late or even too late, but nothing will happen too soon. There is no too soon actually. You are ready and grab the chance or you make that excuse and pass it away. It’s a cliché to run away from situations.  Probably we want to cover our fear or any kind of these feelings. Generally, it’s because we are not ready which means we are not

feel good

Feel Good

You are going to change if you change your feelings. Whenever you feel bad, simply quit overthinking and do something to make you feel better. Each time we are chasing our thoughts to find a solution for something, or to find out where those bad feeling stem from, simply we are overthinking. To break this loop, it’s better to work on feelings rather on thoughts and actions. It is how we can do it: Do you feel bad now? If

How we make decisions wisely

How we make decisions wisely?

Making decisions seems so easy to many of us. So we make decisions about every situation that arise in the road of life. After a while it turns out they have been wrong or bad decisions. We justify: I didn’t have enough information. If I had that sort of information …. By “that sort of information”, we mean sometimes that there are information that is out of our access! Really? Is that the reason? We have all information we need

Coronavirus No Facebook

Coronavirus, No Facebook and I Am Stuck at Home

It’s a beautiful day: it’s raining and it’s not cold at all. But guess what? I’m stuck at home. You know why? Yes! Corona Virus. It’s been raining since last night. The weather is fresh, it’s not cold. I could feel wind softly touches my face and the sky is blue like it was clean and fresh 1000 years ago. I only could stay at home and read some books. Then I write so much. After I get tired of

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

Success can be a lonely road. It can be a tough road. It can be a hard road. It’s not for everyone. Those who follow others like sheep, will never know who they truly are. Only those who follow their own path can discover their true potential. Those who fly alone have the strongest wings. Those who walk alone have the strongest direction. the rest will always be in need of others for their survival. They will always need attention,

write a single post each day and make a huge change

write a single post each day

It has been a long time since I published my last post here. It has no reason unless I am busy with one of my websites, which actually is my first website. I have been working on it since 20 months ago. After one year, I decided to start my other websites, which this one is one of them. Beside of my first website,, which is in online English and French learning website, I also update my Persian personal

Each Day One Sentence, day #13

After few days of being absent, I am here again writing my “today’s sentence” in this blog.  To write every day, even one sentence each day, is not always easy. Especially the personal discipline part of the writing, which is more important than any other possible part.  I am under a pressure of not having a good discipline. I mean I have been having this kind of life for about 10 years.  I don’t like it and I do not