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Women in Math Club

The Women in Math club has meetings every other week to provide networking opportunities between fema

London Mathematical Chanel at Youtube


Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS (1925-2016)

Sir Christopher Zeeman, FRS, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Saturday 13th February 2016 at

Sir Andrew Wiles Awarded 2016 Abel Prize

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the 2016 Abel Prize to Professor Sir Andrew

TV covers Women in Mathematics event

The recent LMS Women in Mathematics Day at Microsoft Research in Cambridge was covered by Cambridge T

The LMS Newsletter

The LMS Newsletter publishes the most up-to-date society news, as well as information for the wider m

What do you know about London Mathematical Laboratory?

LML is an institute for basic science in which researchers are commissioned to follow their curiosity

Annual Iranian Algebra Seminar

The annual Iranian Algebra Seminar will be held at Hakim Sabzevari University on Jul. 19-20,2016. Thi

16-year-old invents new math theory — and doesn’t even earn an ‘A’

It’s common for some high school kids to need the help of a math tutor. For others, numbers com

Famous math problem solved!

Ten days ago, Maryna Viazovska showed how to pack spheres in 8 dimensions as tightly as possible. In

The Meaning of Esmaeil or Ismael

I was searching my name, Esmaeil or Ismael,  in google just for fun. I found this in https://www

Elsevier — my part in its downfall

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Notices of the AMS – October 2015

link: http://www.ams.org/notices/201509/rnoti-CVR1.pdf

A Comprehensive Course in Analysis

A Comprehensive Course in Analysis by Poincaré Prize winner Barry Simon is a five-volume set that ca

Von Neumann: The Mathematician

John von Neumann wrote The Mathematician which was published in Works of the Mind Vol. I no. 1 (Unive

New Book 2015: 《Birth of a theorem : a mathematical adventure》

Birth of a theorem : a mathematical adventure

French mathematician Cedric Villani, 2010 Fields Medal winner, visited Iran

French mathematician Cedric Villani, 2010 Fields Medal winner, visited Iran

Ibn al-Yāsamīn et son poème algébrique

1. L’évolution des recherches concernant Ibn al-Yāsamīn La notoriété dont a bénéficié Ibn a

solve this integral

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