Paris is not only Eiffel Tower

Google the word “Paris”! all you’ll see is a photo of Eiffel Tower which is the symbol of Paris. As I’ve lived in Paris, it’s way more beautiful than to be known only by Eiffel Tower. By the way, I found this photo in UNSPLASH.COM and I decided to share it here. Then I saw the story below the photo. I found it a funny story. I hope you enjoy it too. 
 Photo by Andreas Selter on Unsplash
story of photo: 
We were visiting Paris as so many times before as it’s my wife’s hometown. It was a lazy Friday, a beautiful summer day in July. We didn’t have any fixed agenda for the evening. Just enjoying the beautifully warm afternoon sun light, we decided to start our little tour in the Latin Quarter. We just had parked the car next to the Jardin du Luxembourg when I stood there in the middle of the streets and spontaneously fell in love with that scenery.