Some days ago, I read a blog post about RSS Reader in It was one of those moments you think someone is talking the exact words are in your minds. So I read it completely and commented to thank him and show my agreement.

Thanks god, finally someone write something about it. it’s a very vital tool to surf the internet. I completely agree with the article. I think there is nothing more to add. Just as a matter of fact, I use the reading list of as my RSS reader: free and infinite number of URLs.

my comment on that post

RSS Reader is a cool and handful tool for those people need to check hundreds of blogs and websites each day to see if they are updated. Without them, we have to check each blog manually one by one, which is almost impossible.

  • For more information, take look at this: Wikipedia

As Billy says, RSS Readers are now rarely used. One reason is people use social networking websites as an alternative. Nevertheless, we still need them.

I remember the time I was bullied with aggressive and sometimes offensive words, just because I said social networking websites are limited tools for doing very specific things!

In compare with 5 – 6 years ago, these days I see more people who accept this fact that social networks are just social networks and they are not the answer for every question. They are alternative for blogging, social contacting, email marketing, online business platforms etc. they could be used only for some of our needs.

It’s the right time for us to take a deeper look at our “online” tools to see if they are used in a proper way. Surfing Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking site/app for hours every day don’t help us to be informed and knowledgeable.

Speaking of following favorite blogs/websites, we know some people tend to bookmark URLs. But it does not work! Because it’s more like throwing something into a closet, which is always locked. You throw things into that closet to prevent losing them but actually, you lose it. You may even barely remember you have that thing! As you see, it makes no difference.

Another tool, which is brand new and vastly being used called “push notification”. How many people feel comfortable around attack of push notifications, which interrupt them while they are doing something on the web?

I myself have activated only very limited number of push notifications on my browser. The rest of the web are “push notification block”.

I see push notifications as sudden calls from strangers in moments that are not truly right moment to answer.

One another disadvantage about push notification: any time they appear in your screen and you, for any possible reason, close them immediately, how do you know it was sent by what website/blog?

Beside RSS Reader, I like to consider email subscriptions as a really useful and proper tool.

For me, as a reader who doesn’t want to lose any possible piece of information, RSS Readers are the right answer.

Currently I use blogger reading list as my RSS feed reader, which is free, and you may add unlimited number of URLs.

To introduce two other RSS Feed Reader I suggest inoreader and feedly.

To know more tools with other features, take a look at this Neil Patel post: 10 Alternative RSS Readers if You Still Miss Google Reader.

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