Sara Zahedi won one of the 10 EMS prizes


Sara Zahedi

* 1981 in Teheran (Iran)
Assistant Professor
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

EMS Prize 2016
„For her outstanding research regarding the development and analysis of numerical algorithms for partial differential equations with a focus on applications to problems with dynamically changing geometry.“

Research Interests
Sara Zahedis research interests lie in the development and analysis of computational methods, in particular finite element methods, for solving partial differential equations on dynamic geometries. The main application she has in mind is multiphase flows. She is also interested in numerical methods for representing and evolving interfaces separating immiscible fluids.

Curriculum Vitae: 

  • 2014: Assistant Professor in Numerical Analysis, KTH, Stockholm (Swe)
  • 2011: Postdoctoral Position, Uppsala University (Swe)
  • 2011: PhD in Numerical Analysis, KTH, Stockholm (Swe)
  • 2006: Master of Science with a major in Mathematics, KTH (Swe)
  • 2006: Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Numerical Analysis, KTH (Swe)
  • 2003: Teaching Assistant, Stockholm University (Swe)

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