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As some of you may know, I have another blog in blogspot.com, in which is older than this blog. I have decided to publish “only math” contents here in this blog. All my other daily notes will be published in my blogger blog: www.diranlou.blogspot.com Thank you all in advance because of you attention.

Why Are There So Few Women Mathematicians?

How a corrosive culture keeps women out of leadership positions on math JANE C. HU NOV 4, 2016 – Atlantic As soon as mathematician Chad Topaz ripped the plastic off his copy of the American Mathematical Society’s magazine Notices, he was disappointed. Staring back at him from the cover were the faces of 13 of his fellow mathematicians—all of them men, and the majority of them white.  “Highlighting all this maleness and whiteness—what is the message that is being sent to the membership?” he wondered.

A Beautifully-Designed Edition of Euclid’s Elements from 1847 Gets Digitized: Explore the New Online, Interactive Reproduction

Article by: Josh Jones  from Open Culture For two millennia, Euclid’s Elements, the foundational ancient work on geometry by the famed Greek mathematician, was required reading for educated people. (The “classically educated” read them in the original Greek.) The influence of the Elements in philosophy and mathematics cannot be overstated; so inspiring are Euclid’s proofs and axioms that Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote a sonnet in his honor. But over time, Euclid’s principles were streamlined into textbooks, and the Elements was read less and less.