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My name is Esmaeil ASLANI DIRANLOU. I study pure mathematics at Sorbonne University (Paris, France).
I adore novels, movies, music, blogging and human studies. I generally spend my time on reading and writing. I love sharing ideas in my blog. beside all these I love to have a long “walking-talking” time with friends when it end with an espresso in a café.
I have done blogging since around 2002 by publishing my first post in a blog in blogger.com, and from 2014, I have started my blog Mathpresso. Math, Novels and writing have been always my motivation to have a blog.

Moving to Paris

Recently I am moving to Paris to start my master degree in Pure Mathematics. I love Paris, I love France and I love Mathematics. In addition, not need to mention, Paris is the capital city of mathematics! You may never have heard it that Paris has the most mathematicians in number around the globe. Moreover, even more, everybody knows that their prestigious math institutes and math departments are always pioneers at every aspect of pure mathematics. So all together, I think it is my city! Literature, cinema, love, wine, beautiful city, and mathematics all together.

My Plans for the Future

I have some plans for my future, one as one how has read this paragraph may not does not know is getting a Ph.D. in mathematics etc. but I love blogging, writing and novels. I am doing it more seriously. In addition,I have this plan to run a website to publish one-line math videos (in English and French). I hope it works well. Anyway that is enough for now. I hope you have a clear image of me in your mind.
To know precisely who I am, it is better to know me from my writings in which all have published in this blog and I will publish them regularly in this blog.

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