It has been a long time since I published my last post here. It has no reason unless I am busy with one of my websites, which actually is my first website.

I have been working on it since 20 months ago. After one year, I decided to start my other websites, which this one is one of them.

Beside of my first website,, which is in online English and French learning website, I also update my Persian personal website regularly.

Then if I find some spare time, I rather update my Persian math online learning website.

In fact, I myself prefer to publish only math contents. But those language learning courses are only temporary and to make money.

I start serious blogging with an English blog. Then I decided to write some Persian contents.

Although Persian is my maternal tongue, I like writing in English. It has several reasons, among them and the most important: those who search terms in google in English are the most seekers in their generating and society. And to publish digital content for these seeker-type people are way easier.

write a single post each day and make a huge change

I made this commitment to myself to write one post each day in my Persian website. Last night, when I was updating it, I told myself: why shouldn’t I make such commitment to myself for a better job? I mean something that I love more and is more serious to me.

So this is the first step of the commitment: write a single post each day and make a huge change!

Hope it does work well.

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